A small town on the east coast of Sicily

A short distance from Pachino, to the tip of Sicily stands the fascinating village of Marzamemi. Famous for the sea, always clear and blue and the sea world fishy, Marzamemi charms visitors above all for the beauty of its beaches, as the Spinazza and Marinella, brightly coloured and fine sand.

Marzamemi is a true piece of paradise, which tells the story of a place of landing, and later became the enhanced port by the “Principes of Villadorata”, that there built the own residence, the Palace of Villadorata.

It is still debated the origin of the name, which derives from the Arabic for some implantation "port" and memes "small", for others, but always from Arabic to mean "bay of turtledoves". In the central square, where there is the church of San Francesco di Paola, folkroristicly celebrated in the month of August, there are typical houses of fishermen, transformed into taverns and places of high level cooking. Here, where the nightlife is concentrated in the warm summer evenings, we are served the best dishes and appreciated local cooking, seafood, bottarga and cherry tomatoes, accompanied by a glass of Nero d'Avola wine. But the true king of the gastronomy of the place is the tuna resource of the village, which has always worked on the spot, the famous tuna.

Marzamemi recently, thanks to the visibility obtained as a location for several films (such as South by Gabriele Salvatores), is betting heavily on tourism since 2000 and it is also the home to the Film Festival.


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