June 19th, 2021 | Places to visit

In the province of Syracuse, in the southernmost tip of Sicily it is located the town of Portopalo. The site has returned numerous archaeological finds, such as, for example, large tanks greek Roman for tuna processing, evidence of ancient settlement in this part of the Mediterranean. Portopalo is a purely fishing town, dedicated to the processing of local products and agriculture. Only recently they were increased profits, focusing on tourism.

Portopalo is a symbol of the Fishing Port, which boasts one of the most important maritime fleets of Sicily, both for the quality of the fish, for the personnel employed in fishing. But the real beauty of the small country lies in the morphology of its territory, very impressive, ranging from rocky coastlines to the beautiful beaches, visited every summer by many tourists and locals.

Also Portopalo is wet by two seas, the Mediterranean Sea to the west and to the east the Ionian Sea. From the Ionian Sea, where once stood the square of the country, there are the remains of some “fishermen’s houses”, a unique tourist attraction. Finally facing the country and visible from the square is the huge island of Capo Passero, that belongs to the municipality of Portopalo. Its Spanish Fortress and the wonderful sandy beach are a symbol, along with the Lighthouse Cozzo Spadaro, this enchanting place.

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